UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) introduced a number of new terms and codes of the license (LCCP), after an open consultation with representatives of the gambling industry.

 New LCCP will be aimed at improving the standards of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), strengthening the requirements for how the licensees identify customers and interact with them. In particular, we are talking about players who may be at risk slots with free spins or already exposed to the problems associated with gambling. In addition, the changes are aimed at increasing the transparency of the process of research, prevention and treatment.

 Executive Director UKGC Paul Hope commented on the changes that should take effect later this year: “These changes were designed to make gaming more honest and safe for consumers, and we expect that gambling companies will fulfill their responsibilities in these areas.”

 In accordance with the new guidelines, UKGC promised to promote the existing voluntary system of funding, which focuses on research, prevention and treatment of gambling addiction.

 UKGC previously put forward a proposal to introduce a limit on the cost of players in the process of gambling.

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