RICE Supply Chain

Ayeyar Hinthar is one of Myanmar’s leading exporters of rice. To support the business the Group owns a large, modern warehouse containing three rice mills located in west Yangon and smaller storage and processing facilities elsewhere in the country. The Group also owns a packaged rice goods company serving the domestic market under the “Ayeyar” brand – a market leader in Myanmar.



No. 108, Corner of Kabaraye Pagoda Road and Natmauk Road, Bo Cho (1) Quarter, Bahan Township, Yangon, Myanmar.

Hunt Line:(+95 1) 9559996

Tel:(+95 1) 9559677, 8430943 ~ 50

Fax: (+95 1) 8430941 ~ 42

Email: info@ayeyarhinthar.com

About Us

Ayeyar Hinthar Holding Company (or “Group”) is a privately held Myanmar conglomerate focused on strategic sectors in the rapidly growing domestic market.